Panels & Podcasts

Do moderates need to be more intolerant?  (Free Mind podcast S9 E2, with Martín Carcasson, June 19, 2024)

Choice and balance in education and media  (Free Mind podcast S9 E1, with Heidi Ganahl, May 16, 2024)

Dignity in dialog series  (Colorado Mesa panel with Konstantin Kisin and Chris Barnard, April 19, 2024)

The importance of patriotism and Western self-belief  (Benson Center panel with Konstantin Kisin and Chris Barnard, April 18, 2024)

The conservative environmentalist  (Free Mind podcast S8 E4, with Benji Backer, April 16, 2024)

Bridging divides while challenging narratives  (Conference on World Affairs, with Lavelle Lewis and Jose Peo, April 12, 2024)

Political diversity and antisemitism on campus  (Free Mind podcast S8 E3, with Sam Abrams, March 20, 2024)

Harbingers of a replicability crisis in ecology (University of Colorado C-SEF webinar by Kaitlin Kimmel-Hass, March 19, 2024

Demystifying the geoengineering debate (University of Colorado C-SEF panel with Waleed Abdalati, Lisa Dilling, and David Fahey, February 6, 2024

Why it's ok to mind your own business (Free Mind podcast S8 E2, with Brandon Warmke, February 13, 2024)

Live from Antarctica: Discussion with scientists and engineers at the PEA research station (University of Colorado C-SEF panel with Max Boykoff and multiple Antarctic researchers, January 31, 2024)

Adversarial collaboration and rebuilding trust in academia (Free Mind podcast S8 E1, with Cory Clark, January 9, 2024)

The rule of law and threats to it (Free Mind podcast S7 E4, with Todd Zywicki, December 12, 2023)

Is there a debt crisis? (Free Mind podcast S7 E3, with Sasha Breger Bush, November 14, 2023)

When science gets political (Free Mind podcast S7 E2, with Roger Pielke Jr., October 10, 2023)

Magic and the occult in elite politics (Free Mind podcast S7 E1, with Alexandra Coţofană, September 12, 2023)

The role of the family in social progress and challenges (Free Mind podcast S6 E4, with Brad Wilcox, August 15, 2023)

Why start a Heterodox  Academy campus community? (Free Mind podcast S6 E3, with Smriti Mehta, July 13, 2023)

Cancellation in the  fifteenth century (Free Mind podcast S6 E2, with Jennifer Smith, June 13, 2023)

Gender inequality in history (Free Mind podcast S6 E1, with Alice Evans, May 9, 2023)

Natalism and low birth rates (Free Mind podcast S5 E4, with Lionel Shriver, April 11, 2023)

Where can moderates fit into today's political landscape? (Free Mind podcast S5 E3, with Kevin Priola, March 14, 2023)

Climate action in government, business, and civil society (University of Colorado C-SEF fireside chat with former U.S. Congresswoman Claudine Schneider, February 23, 2023)

The conservative student experience (Free Mind podcast S5 E2, with Joey Fratino, February 14, 2023)

Reducing polarization and combatting extremism in Colorado (University of Colorado Benson Center panel with Laureen Boll, Bernie Buescher, Martín Carcasson, and Leah Sprain, February 2, 2023)

Ecomodernism and nuclear energy (Free Mind podcast S5 E1, with Alex Trembath, January 10, 2023)

Academic freedom and heterodox thought (Free Mind podcast S4 E6, with Shilo Brooks, December 13, 2022)

Bipartisan youth climate advocacy (University of Colorado UN Human Rights, RHRN, Global Climate Summit, panel with Jameka Hodnnett, Lucero Cantu, Sarah Jensen, and Emily Nocito, December 4, 2022)

The passion and polarization of climate change (Cylinder Radio, with Will Reusch, July 20, 2022)

Conversations create change (Heidi's Colorful Colorado podcast, with Heidi Ganahl, September 2, 2021)